Who We Are...


Shalom Home, Inc. has been helping families and individuals just like you find just the right home in just the right community since 1986. We have all come from various locations, but with one important fact in common -


All of us have made many moves ourselves and are sensitive to your needs at this time.


We have relocated while single, married, with children and without. We maintain high activity levels in the communities in which we have lived. We have served on Temple, Synagogue, Sisterhood boards and other Jewish affiliated organizations, as well as volunteering at schools and participating in many of our community secular activities. We have covered almost the entire United States in terms of dwelling places. Needless to say, our experiences can help you smooth the way in your upcoming move.


Personal attention and service is what Shalom Home, Inc. is all about.



Our office is located in Colorado Springs, CO in the shadow of Pikes Peak.


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